Shoes - modern design bathtub by ZADitaly

admin, May 12 2020

Go against the classic forms against the stereotypes of modern design bathtubs! Shoes is all of this. A new way of conceiving the freestanding bathtub. Soft and decisive lines give the Shoes design bathtub the added value that enhances your environment Designer: Alessio Di Capua. ZADitaly

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Flow - Sculptural Sink by Alessandro Isola

admin, November 22 2018

Flow sink takes its inspiration from the way in which water erodes and dissolves stone, forming deep flow rills. A poetic analogy to that is the sink’s handle, that runs all the way down its length. Its conical envelop is entirely made of aluminium, manually bent to follow the shape of the inner core and finished with a nanotechnology coating. A...

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Sampan - Unique Design Bathtub by Apaiser

admin, October 25 2018

The essence of the Sampan Collection is beautifully illustrated by the Sampan Double Bath. This original, semi recessed design offers depth in a linear profile, and the subtle detailing, such as infinity overflow, adds luxury to this architectural form. Offering sublime comfort for two, this generous bath is a celebration of relaxation and rejuven...

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Thales - Modern Fireplace by Glamm Fire

admin, October 14 2018


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Leaf - Original Design Lamp by Loomiosa

admin, October 7 2018

As its name suggests, the shape of this pendant was mainly influenced by palm leaves, a form that gives a different impression from every viewing angle. Loomiosa

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Chained Up - Original Design Table by Barberini Gunnell

admin, March 14 2018

The inspiration for this table came from observing the gigantic iron chains which are used for tying up the enormous Container ships or Transatlantic Cruisers. Closing the chain, yet achieving a stable table structure while at the same time not losing the esthetic beauty of the finished work was the challenge of this table. Barberini-Gunnell

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Ugo Rilla - Unique and Playful Lamp by Karman

admin, March 7 2018

lamp recalls one of the strongest cinematographic icons - the climber of buildings. Playful, dreamlike, adventurous with the expression and anger with which he rips one of man's greatest inventions. Designer: Matteo Ugolini. Karman

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Synapse - Original Floor Lamp by ZADitaly

admin, January 31 2018

The Synapse is a floor lamp made of monolithic, inspired by natural networks. Contact points, cell bodies, membranes, filaments are traversed by the light that emits downward the lamp illuminating the reticular structure internally, spreading indirectly into the surrounding environment. It is a lamp with a unique design, it makes every room simp...

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Boxing Glove - Original Design Lounger by de-Sede

admin, January 30 2018

Like the original, the detailed boxing glove image comes with a two-tone cover, the typical folds along the edges and a distinctive lacing at the glove’s opening, or rather the foot end of the sofa.  Soft de Sede leather and sophisticated upholstery provide exceptional seating comfort. de Sede

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The Voluta  by Secondome

admin, January 5 2018

The Voluta rocking chair is inspired to the classical organic plastic shapes, hiding behind its apparently simple structure, design Stefano Marolla. Secondome

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