Una - Unique Chaise Lounge by Secondome

admin, December 18 2017

Chaise Lounge Una play on the ambiguity of the matter than can deceive the eye: a sturdy element like wood, hand-curved and levitated, looks like a light tapestry. The curves and the soft drapery of the wood are inspired by a long and attentive study on the usage of drapery in art’s history, going back from the ancient Greece to Bernini’s sculpture...

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Code - Modern Bathroom Washbasin by Boffi

admin, December 4 2017

The washbasin spreads the ancestral sense of ritual with water and enhances its preciousness. Boffi

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Asteroide - Stove With Fluid Shapes by Godin

admin, November 24 2017

A stove with fluid and dynamic shapes, suspended in the air. The back and the inside are designed to make it an object with a racy and modern style. Precious and aerial, the door opens onto an astonishing interior. The satin black finish enhanced by a chromed sculptural handle accentuates the softness of the lines and the novelty of the shapes....

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Arte - Washbasin in Murano Glass by Glass Design

admin, October 13 2017

Murano glass is a synonym for elegance and timelessness. By combining innovative techniques with traditional artisan workmanship, unique,prestigious and inimitable objects are created. Glass Design

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Serenity - Elegant Bathtub by Apaiser

admin, October 10 2017

The Serenity Bath reflects her inspiration drawn from lotus flowers and stacked ceramic bowls. The wonderful oval shape is sensual, with soft lines but also reflects purity and strength. Apaiser

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Kore - Smooth Curvilinear Chair by Nuvist

admin, September 27 2017

Kore is one of three chair products series which called Kore, Sore and Are. The studio has designed dynamic simple geometry of a fluid volume. Kore represents lightness and fluidness of space with flowing and curvilinear lines. The products focused on an artistic vision with organic and simple uni body form. Nuvist

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Cobra - Carbon Fibre Stool by Essence of Strength

admin, September 1 2017

Cobra high stool is a true celebration of carbon fibre. Inspired by a simplistic structural flowing ribbon form, the Cobra High Stool supports the weight of a sitting person with complete comfort and stability. Defying formal design parameters, the elegant like structure is made possible by the use of ultra-high-tech carbon composite materials....

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Gothik A - Unique Cabinet by Fratelli Boffi

admin, July 25 2017

The Gothik A was inspired by French architecture from the 12th century. Inspiration is a play with art and design and how these interact. Designer: Ferruccio Laviani. Fratelli Boffi

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Pfeiffer - Original Design Bathtub by TCC Whitestone

admin, July 16 2017

Pfeiffer bathtub looks like a big uneven rock framed with wood. The tub is carved out of Calacatta marble block. TCC

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Kora - Unique Marble Bathtub by Kreoo

admin, January 12 2017

Kora is a solid marble bathtub carved from a single block of stone. No seams mar its surface, which offers a beautiful effect with the veining that flows uninterrupted from one end of the tub to the other. The solid marble tub is suspended in mid-air on a matte-black metal...

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