Laguna Stone by aLEGNA

admin, January 3 2017

Each bathtub is made to measure and fits into existing baths. This offers highly flexible and individual application possibilities. Conventional bathtubs can be easily replaced. The "Laguna Stone" is also available with a Jacuzzi system. Whether as an absolute highlight in the bathroom, on a yacht, in hotel rooms, in...

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Mistral - Luxury Bathroom Faucet by Giacomini Design

admin, November 7 2016

Mistral , a unique and highly innovative work of art, for its shape and the use of precious materials. A jewel made of titanium that redefines the meaning of luxury in your bathroom . Giacomini Design

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Ocean Surf - Original Design Sunbed by Alexander Rose

admin, November 7 2016

Inspired by the sea, the OceanSurf will bring a tropical seaside touch to your outdoor living space. Beautifully woven in a V pattern, it's bronze-coloured fibres glint invitingly in the sunlight. Alexander Rose

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Introverso - Marble washbasin by Antonio Lupi

admin, October 26 2016

A project born by observing the first rough drafts by machine marble sculptures, in which the three-dimensional shape is outlined by a regular series of cuts manage by CNC. Thin strips of marble are formed, whose outer edges once broken, reveal the raw sculpture concealed inside. The same concept and...

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Opera - Elegant Bathroom Collection by Serafini Marmi

admin, October 14 2016

An intense melodrama, a combination of shapes and sizes exalts the best of the marble veining and colors. Enchanting lines are in contrast with dissonant harmonies and emphasizing the majesty of Tosca. Choose the shape and the material and transform your wishes into a masterpiece. And there goes on a...

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Underconstruction - Original Design Armchair by A Lot of Brasil

admin, October 4 2016

The piece originally designed by Pedro Franco in association with Christian Ullmann was initially shown at the 2009 Satellite Hall. It initially featured curved feet and was produced manually and conceptually. For A Lot Of Brasil it is produced with a much more refined aesthetic, without losing it's conceptual roots....

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Cobra - Iconic Chair by Bugatti

admin, September 2 2016

Iconic piece of the collection, the famous Cobra Chair, re-interprets in a contemporary way the early version designed and accomplished by Carlo Bugatti in 1902. This cutting edge and innovative chair combines back, frame and seat in a single element with curved and continuous lines, interrupted only by a gap conceived to contain the tails of a tai...

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Lock - Original Design Table by Planktonstation

admin, August 28 2016

LOCK is designed out of the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of its highly sustainable material: BAMBOO. The frame is build up from layers of flexible bamboo. The layers are pressed together. The shape is formed by the bamboo's natural bending curve. The layers of bamboo curve through each other and entwine, locking each other in pla...

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ZaZa - Unique Chair by by Kenneth Cobonpue

admin, August 22 2016

With its dramatic plume and generous scale, Zaza is clearly not your typical chair. A whimsical take on nature, the seemingly delicate fronds wrapped in microfiber not only provide supple yet ample support, but a theatrical backdrop as Zaza injects a playful element to any room. Kenneth Cobonpu

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Anda -Original Design Chair by JANUS et Cie

admin, August 17 2016

The distinguished design of the Fibonacci Anda Lounge Chair is inspired by its famous eponymous geometric sequence found in natural forms. Anda's exposed articulate metalwork supports the body in a gentle recline. The dramatic wingtips form by the drape of material span and unfurl to the floor. Designer: Gabellini Sheppard....

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