Modern Interiors


Ugo Rilla - Unique and Playful Lamp by Karman

admin, March 7 2018

lamp recalls one of the strongest cinematographic icons - the climber of buildings. Playful, dreamlike, adventurous with the expression and anger with which he rips one of man's greatest inventions. Designer: Matteo Ugolini. Karman

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Synapse - Original Floor Lamp by ZADitaly

admin, January 31 2018

The Synapse is a floor lamp made of monolithic, inspired by natural networks. Contact points, cell bodies, membranes, filaments are traversed by the light that emits downward the lamp illuminating the reticular structure internally, spreading indirectly into the surrounding environment. It is a lamp with a unique design, it makes every room simp...

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Jena - Double Function Bathtub by Marmorin

admin, July 18 2011

Jena is the perfect design for modernist. Jena is a bath and shower in one; it has transformed into a modern version from the traditional style bathtub. The double function Jena bestows a superior functionality. Its shape and structure was carefully designed to ensure the prevention of water splashing during...

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Ultra modern chairs by The Chair LTD

admin, December 23 2010

Chair LC-014 by Michael Chan comes in two versions, one in one-piece-formed die-cast aluminium, using aerospace aluminium alloy with natural polished aluminium finishes, and the other in two boned fiberglass shells finish with a range of colours of exquisite paint for selection. The Chair LTD

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