Synapse - Original Floor Lamp by ZADitaly

admin, January 31 2018

The Synapse is a floor lamp made of monolithic, inspired by natural networks. Contact points, cell bodies, membranes, filaments are traversed by the light that emits downward the lamp illuminating the reticular structure internally, spreading indirectly into the surrounding environment. It is a lamp with a unique design, it makes every room simp...

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Wild - Original Design Desk by ZADitaly

admin, June 15 2016

Wild is the desk inspired by the wonders of the wild, the lush forests and the pristine vegetation, which takes all the sinuous lines of the branches and the softness of the leaves. Wild evoke within the home or office environment, the purity and grandeur of nature. Designer: Francesco Bazzica....

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Ocean - Originally Shaped Bathtub by ZADitaly

admin, May 1 2016

Ready to immerse yourself in its warm waters? Ocean is not only a bath, is a wonderful, relaxing break that allows you to travel to the destination you prefer, just close your eyes and sail away, imagining the sound of the wind and sea. Designer: Gessica Mendilicchio. ZADitaly

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Twist - Original Design Washbasin by ZADitaly

admin, April 3 2016

Twisthasa characteristic profile "moved" and a figure slightly "twisted" on itself, coming from more turns or rotations performed in the twist of a solid quadrangular base.Its enveloping lines show a profile that reminds us of the "twist" of a screw thread, from which it takes its name.Designer: Sabino Ferrante. ZADitaly

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Cactus - Original Design Sink by Zaditaly

admin, January 4 2016

Freestanding washbasin in Adamantx® shapes inspired by nature and the plant world. Its lines abundant and "ribbed" show a profile that reminds the shape of a cactus plant from which it takes its name. It has the characteristics, in addition to the profile "streaky" in height, visible on the front,...

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